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LinkNet is a controller for Insteon Device Network using a PowerLinc Modem interface.

Required Insteon Interface
Insteon Powerlinc Modem (PLM), Serial or USB - 2413U, 2413S, 2412U, 2412S, or 2448A7
The PLM includes a needed cable.
Why Not The HUB? The HUB does not provide any adequate interface for software setup and control beyond what the HUB APP can already do.

LinkNet provides a view of the Insteon Network organized as Computer Groups, and Controller Groups.

Setup for Controller-Responder Linking.

Computer Control
Requires LinkNet software running and connected to a powerlinc modem.
Desktop and Web Server User Interface for manual setup and control.
Computer control with Timer and Logic functions.

This software supports a lot of Insteon devices and configurations.

Support is good for common devices, controllers as KeypadLincs, RemoteLincs, switches, with all the Responder devices they will inter act with.
Direct support for some devices like the thermostat is not in here yet.

I bought most of what they made between 2005 and about 2010. The devices themselves changed so much, many obsolete.
I get around to buying things I don't have so I can provide direct support for the device.
Some things, unless they send them to me, later than sooner.

This software makes it much easier to form and configure the controller groups/scenes.
You link some devices to this group, and some to that group, move this one here, include it there.
Start new groups, where one controller controls and syncs with another controller (keypads), and then set all the on levels and ramp rates for group/scene.

LinkNet software can make this much easier.
And you get to see the big picture.
And you test and configure a lot faster.

All these smart devices need to be organized some what. LinkNet software helps to do that.

This software is always a work in progress. Whats here now works well.

I don't do version numbers. You will see release dates.

Windows Versions 64 and 32 bit
Windows Installer .msi files

Linux versions 64 and 32 bit
Developed on Linux Mint
Linux version desktop is ready, I'm doing something with the web server for a week or so before putting it on here.
I am new to distributing software for Linux type systems.