Insteon Setup and Controller Software

Last updated: November 08 2018 20:46:40

Insteon Device Network

Install Home Automation Hardware

Setting It Up

What is IonW-PLM
IonW software provides an interface to an Insteon device network using a Power Line Modem.
What is Insteon Device Network
An Insteon device network consists of more than 1 Insteon device. Insteon devices are capable of replacing existing in wall switches, outlets, thermostats, motion sensors etc. Insteon devices communicate over existing house wiring. Insteon devices communicate their respective staus and operating parameters as well as respond to control signals.
Insteon Devices Are Smart
Insteon devices retain setup information pertaining to other Insteon devices which control them. Each Insteon device operates according to link information it stores for each controller it recognizes. Insteon devices contain a link to each Insteon device controller. IonW software provides a control panel for installing and configuring the Insteon device network.
Insteon Device Network Capabilities
The Insteon device network being made up of Insteon controllers, and Insteon responders, all aware of each other, and providing real time feedback. In the case of motion sensors; real time feedback includes motion detection and dark/day light detection and report this information in the form of group on/off commands. These group On/Off commands are seen by other Insteon devices that are linked to the Motion Sensor. Insteon devices can have friends. Friends are other devices that contain a link for the 'friendly' device. Friends can control other 'Friends' as responders. Insteon responders may control other Insteon responders.
Insteon device can be a Controller, Responder or both
For an Insteon responder to control other Insteon responders; the Insteon device (responder) must be capable of providing group commands. KeypadLinc, ToggleLinc are examples of Insteon responders, which can also function as Insteon controllers. They both can be controlled and through their own control method of sending group on/off commands, they are controllers as well. Motion sensors are only capable of contyroller activities. Motion sensors can contain links to other Insteon device, but do not repond to other Insteon device as responders. Motion sensors do respond to computer control in the form of status reporting of both motion/dark/light group status, along with configuration parameters which can be configured using software.
About IonW-PLM
Setup and control for Insteon device network, macros (Timer Events / Logic Events)
Products work on Windows XP service Pack 3 or greater, Vista, Windows 7
Required Insteon Interface: Power Line Modem (PLM) # 2413U/S, 2412U/S. The PLM includes a needed cable.
  • Install and configure new Insteon devices quickly and easily.
  • Software control for Insteon device linking.
  • Configure Insteon device group settings (on level and ramp rate).
  • Drag / Drop link responders to controller and create group scene.
  • Software setup for computer control with timer and logic events.
  • Schedule fully-automated control for Insteon devices.
  • User control for computer groups and single Insteon devices.
  • Log of Insteon activity is available for view or print.
  • Insteon Network device link checking and repair.
  • Designed for easy installation and configuration of Insteon responder and controller devices.
  • Software provides the best control over Insteon networks.
  • Configure Insteon network for home automation and security.