Tree Control View Allows Drag And Drop And Right Click Menus.
Controller View
The Tree Control View Is shown grouped as it appears in the PLM Insteon Device Network.
Computer groups are shown refecting the current configuration.
All Insteon Devices used with computer control are linked to at least 1 group in the Power Line Mode (PLM).
Controller View
Responder links can be edited for on level and ramp rate.
Right click for device setting menus.
Controller View
A controller sends GROUP/SCENE On/Off commands to the GROUP/SCENE # (0 - 255).
DIMMER DEVICES On Level, Ramp Rate
Responder devices belonging to the GROUP/SCENE hold their default ON LEVEL and RAMP RATE in the link back for the controller GROUP/SCENE.
Computer Group/Scene - Device View

Computer Controlled Group/Scenes.
Device View
Power Line Modem is the Controller for Computer Groups.
256 Group/Scenes are availble as Comupter Controlled Groups.

A computer group has 1 or more devices linked with the group.

A Group/Scene can controll all devices linked to the group/scene with a single command.

Dimmer devices are pre-configured for on level and ramp rate with group scenes. This is true with computer groups and controller groups.

Controllers are devices other than the Power Line Modem (PLM).
Controllers include KeypadLinc, RemoteLinc, Motion Sensor etc.
A Controller Device is capable of sending Group commands.
Group commands such as On/Off for all Responder Devices, Dim/Bright for Dimmable Responder Devices.
An Insteon Responder Device Links with a Controller ID and Button/Group.
Dimmer Devices contain and On Level and Ramp Rate as part of the link information.
Multiple devices linked with the same controller button/group may be referred to as a SCENE.

LinkNet has a Computer Group View, and a Controller Group View. All linking and link information can be configured in these views.
Since dimmer devices contain on level and ramp rate stored in their link information, each device responds with its pre-configred onlevel and ramp rate.
The controller only send a Group # ON command. Each device belonging to the Group reponds with it own pre-configured On Level and Ramp Rate for this group.

Timers and Logic functions are available to control Computer Group commands and or single Device ID Commands.
All PLM Controlled Computer Groups/Scenes require LinkNet software be running.
Controller Groups work without the software running.
When LinkNet software is running:
It is able to keep track of Insteon Network device status. Device status as on/off, time on dailey, weekly.
The timer and logic functions operate.
KeypadLinc buttons are kept updated with device link status.
If more than one KeypadLinc is linked to the same device, then the button LED status for each KeypadLinc that controls that device is updated.
Updating the LeypadLinc buttons occurs immediately after another controller has changed the On/Off status of an Insteon Device that is also controlled with the KeypadLinc Button.
The Button Status update requires an Insteon Command be sent to the KeypadLinc. You will see movement on the wire from this.

Setting dimmer on level and ramp rate is easier using software than the manual way.

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