Manage and Edit Insteon Device Links
Controller - Device Relationship
Insteon responder devices contain 1 or more links to controller devices. A controller device is an Insteon device capable of sending group commands.
RemoteLinc, Motion Sensor, Computer controlled Powerlinc Modem are all examples of Insteon controlers.
Hint: It is helpfull to understand Insteon groups and how Insteon devices function as part of a group. groups-scenes-overview
Computer Groups - Responder Device Settings
From Tree Control, Right Click Device For Context Menu
device settings view
Right Click on a device from the tree control.
Select [ Computer Groups Setup Menu ]
choose computer groups device setup
Select [ Computer Groups Setup Menu ]
computer groups device setup view
Commands to create Computer Groups/Scenes
Join Group
UnJoin Group
Move To Group

Selected Device links to the PLM are displayed in the list box
Device Label can be set here.
Link Information
Click on a link to select.
Link information is displayed below the list box.

Controller/Responder - Normaly Responder from the list box.
Active choice is shown. For computer groups and single device commands to work, Responder is Setting we want.

Dimmer device can have their On Level and Ramp Rate configred here.
Delete link from group
To Join a Group/Scene, Select the Group # from the selection box.
[ Join ] will add a link to an existing group.
[ Join ] will create a new group if the chosen Group # doese not already exist.

Click on [ UnJoin ] will remove the selected Group Link from both PLM and Responder Device.

[ Move ] will remove from existing group and Join/Create the selected Group #.

Join, UnJoin, and Move will update the link in both PLM an Responder Device.
Controller Groups - Software Setup For Controller Buttons/Groups/Scenes

Controller Device Identification: LinkNet Software uses an Insteon Command with the device directly to get Device Type.
Controller <> Device Setup View
Right click a Controller Device add an extra menu option for Controller Button/Group Settings.
Controller <> Device Setup View
Controller Setup View
Controller <> Device Setup View
Controller Button/Group Settings

All controller links are listed in the listbox.
Click on a button to see the button's device links.

Insteon devices listed at the left can be dragged and dropped onto a controller button. Or in the case of a motion sensor, drop a link inside the yellow outline.

Edit a device link to set device on level and ramp rate associated for a controller group.
Example: A KeypadLinc button used to control 1 or more Insteon dimmable devices such LampLinc, InlineLinc etc., send GROUP commands.
Group commands do not send on level or ramp rate.
On level and ramp rate is set in the responder device as part of link information.
Each responder device stores link information for each link to a controller.
Controllers such as KeypadLinc, RemoteLinc, Motion Sensor etc., send group commands.
It is up to each Insteon responder device to know how to respond.
Direct Commands
Direct Commands Include On Level And Ramp Rate As Part Of The Command.
Computer control can send a direct command to a single device where the command includes on level and ramp rate.
Direct commands addresses a single device.
Linking Insteon device to Insteon controllers

The view to the right lists Insteon controllers as they are found.
Clicking on a controller device changes the center view to that of the controller device.

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