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Last updated: November 08 2018 20:32:55

Insteon Device Link Editor

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Manage and Edit Insteon Device Links

Insteon responder devices contain 1 or more links to controller devices. A controller device is an Insteon device capable of sending group commands. RemoteLinc, Motion Sensor, Computer controlled Powerlinc Modem are all examples of Insteon controlers.
Hint: It is helpfull to understand Insteon groups and how Insteon devices function as part of a group. Groups-Scenes-Overview

Step 1
Select Device Setup TAB
Device edit view

Step 2
Select the device to edit from the Device List / Computer Groups located at left.
Device edit view

To delete a link, check the box at left under Check/Del.
Delete link from Insteon device All Link Database.
Click on Del at right when it shows.
Click to finish delete link.
Confirm delete link from Insteon device All Link Database.
Confirm delete link.

Edit Computer Group # (1 to 255) NOTE Computer Group 255 is ALL ON / ALL OFF

Edit On Level 0 to 100

Edit Ramp Rate .1 second to 480 seconds
Device edit view

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